BIRDWATCHING Mindo by Biohostal

BIRDWATCHING  Mindo by Biohostal

Mindo als IBA (International Bird Area)  2016 again first place in Christmas Bird Count with more tha 465 sp. all of then registred in the MIndo Valley and surroundings, if Would You like to watch  some of them, visit us  we are, just 2h00 from the Internacional Quito-Ecuador Airport. and we help you  with accommodations and coordinate with local operators and  Avi-Guides.

  1. Transfer in / out from  Quito Airport
  2. One Day Birding: with diferents routs and altitudes..  each day  with 40-70 Birds spp.  Routs San Rolenzo range, Mindo Valley, El Amby and Armadillos, feeding center, San Tadeo and Las Cotingas Reserve,  Paz de las Aves, Santa Rosa Bird Lodge, Milpe. Pachijal . etc.
  3. No just Birding?. Mindo offers butterflies, Orquids, trekking in the cloud forest, waterfalls, and  accompanied by Local Guides in English or German.
  4. check  our web page or  Whatsapp 0985415891



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